This year Tukums celebrates the 569st anniversary since it has been recorded in writings and the 219th anniversary since the rights of a town were granted by Russian Empress Catherine II.

Tukums is a town redolent of age and a loud rhythm of life so characteristic for nowadays.

The most important place of the town is its centre: Brīvības Square, a favourite place to have a rest and listen to the whispers of waterworks. The 1st of May is the time when the inhabitants of the town awaken the fountain each year. Everyone can look at the town from 20 meters high belfry of the St. Trinity Lutheran Church. Every quarter of an hour the church bells toll. The clock was mounted in December 31, 2000. It was manufactured according to one in the previous centuries.

In 2001 Tukums won the title of the most orderly town in Latvia in 2001, which proves the continuation of the town's development. Project implementation helps creating a friendly environment for inhabitants and visitors. The newly built constructions include effluent water treatment facilities, two local and the central iron removal station for drinking water, woodchip-heated boiler house. There are other important projects as well, for example, inception of the municipal waste sorting and the reconstruction of streets lighting system in the town. Several public buildings have been constructed: the building bank, Sports Centre and institutional premises at the Brīvības Square, Tukums Ice hall, buildings of supermarkets. More and more squares with small architectural forms are created in the town every year.

Every year Tukums celebrates festivals.  This year Rose Festival will be held from  July 15 until July 17.

Active and eager persons are living in the town. Honorary title of the Freemen of Tukums for their contribution to the town's development has been presented to Else-Marie Bertilsson from the fellowship town of Tidaholm, conductor Rasma Valdmane, foot-racers Anita and Modris Liepiņi and composer Pēteris Butāns, socially active city resident Zigurds Plikšķis, teacher Ludmila Reimate,  dance teacher Silva Liepa, poet Māra Zalīte.

You are welcome to visit Tukums and check it out!